• In Dartry Forest. Slattery Winner 2013 by Orla OConnor
  • A Moment of Love. Slattery Winner 1978 by Sean Cannon
  • Giants Causeway. Slattery Winner 2015 by Geraldine McGuirk
  • Worlds Greatest Photographs 2006 by Hugh Rooney
  • The Pilgrims Boat. Slattery Winner 2000 by Alex Coleman
  • A Filter in the hand, 1st National League 1991 by Hugh Rooney
  • The Bird Feeder, Slattery Winner 2008 by Malcolm Totten
  • Girl & Red car, Slattery Winner 2007 by Eugene Clerkin
  • Wine Glass Reflection, Slattery Winner 2005 by John Lennon
  • Irene, Slattery Winner 2004 by Alex Coleman
  • Message in the Sand, Slattery Winner 2002 by John Lennon
  • Galleria Milan, Slattery Winner 2001 by Hugh Rooney
  • The Lone Bush, Slattery Winner 1999 by Alex Coleman
  • Trees Lough Feeagh, Slattery Winner 1998 by Alex Coleman
  • The Abbey Boat, Slattery Winner 1997 by Alex Coleman
  • Daffodils, Slattery Winner 1996 by Alex Coleman
  • Dusk, Slattery Winner 1994 by Hugh Rooney
  • Guitar Hand, Slattery Winner 1993 by John Lennon
  • Eoin, Slattery Winner 1990 by John Murphy
  • Pink Grass & Umbrella, 1st National League 1990 by Eugene Clerkin
  • Classiebawn, Slattery Winner 1981 by Joe Gillespie
  • The Fence, Slattery Winner 1991 by Hugh Rooney
  • Fields near Ardee, Slattery Winner 1987 by Hugh Rooney
  • Gateway to the Sun, Slattery Winner 1977 by Noelle Hyde
  • Maynooth Flyover, Slattery Winner 1988 by Hugh Rooney
  • Bunch of Buttercups, 1st National Print and Slide, 1990 by Eugene Clerkin
  • Chimney, Slattery Winner 1983 by Hugh Rooney
  • Space City, Slattery Winner 2009 by Eugene Clerkin

All Winner Collection

A permanent collection of photographs is held by Monaghan Photographic Society. The collection is formed from winning entries for the society's premier annual competition (The Slattery Trophy), images from MPS members which have won national competitions organised by The Irish Photographic Federation or have gained international recognation.

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